Home Office Dress Code: Pjs and Loungewear


As a home office worker I can tell you that 95% of the time I never wear shoes and I rarely dress up. My co-workers always joke about going about their day in underwear or not wearing pants, even while we are having team meeting! Despite the fact that you could actually work naked, the truth is that maybe you have an emergency meeting with video (not my case but might be yours) or suddenly the mailman knocks on your door, you DO have to wear some type of clothes! So what can you wear?

There are a bunch of options out there but if you ask most remote workers everyone will tell you they work in their pjs xD I was thinking about what kind you can wear that is still sort of appropriate for a work meet or if someone drops by your front door. All the options below are available at HexinFashion, who kindly sponsored today's post.  

If you live in a cool place you might want to stay toasty. 
A loose and warm set is a great option! 

If your job requires you to be on camera maybe a more
 neutral and classic looking set, like this one, is the way to go. 

If you are not so keen to wear pants a long and flowy 
one piece can get the job done. 

But being too comfy at home, sometimes can start to take a toll on you. An easy way to fix this is to incorporate shapewear into your daily outftis or at least during the time you exercise. Something like thigh and waist trainer. If you want to still look appropriate for a meeting or run a quick you can wear them your thighs with casual tops or if you are into waist trainers then you have one under your tshirt. 

Seriously no one will know you are wearing one 
under your super comfy Pjs! 

Now if you prefer to wear them only during your workout routine that's on you. It is common that people think that these type of garments are uncomfortable, which is not always the case. The secret is to pick good quality and breathable fabrics that hug your body without being too tight. 

Remember that right now we might not be really interested in dressing up since we are not going anywhere, but it is important to stay in great shape, not just for looks but also because a healthy body is a happy body. And who knows? Maybe this is the year you can finally rock that bikini body you've always wanted. In case you are working on towards that goal, but summer comes to an end before you can safely go out, keep in my that you will look great regardless of what you end up wearing. This site has a great selection of casual cheap mini dresses you might want to consider if working on Pjs all day is not the option for you or maybe you want to star revamping your wardrobe for your future social adventures. 

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