Fashionable Sunny Days (Sponsored by YOINS)


So sunny days are approaching! I have no issues with sunny days. I love them. It's the heat I can't stand! So it is very important for me to choose the right clothes for this next months so I can be comfy and make the best of the days to come. Here's is a list of 5 clothing items that are a must for me during the hot sunny months. 

Blue Random Floral Print Off The Shoulder 3/4 Length Sleeves Dress

Light casual dresses are your best bet. You can move around freely, and since they are so lightweight and very comfy you will feel at ease running around town for errands, work or fun. Cool thing is you can dress them up or down depending on your activities. In case you are looking for a more dressy option you can always google ladies sexy dresses online for some inspiration on how to coordinate. 

Blue Casual Striped Button-Down Shirt

Classic Button Down Shirts are great versatile items. You can pair them with pants and dress them up or use as a super short dress or a cover up at the beach. Most are very cheap and even if you do go out of your way and get a really expensiven one you can get your money's worth out of it since you can wear it a bunch of ways! You can check out any store at any mall or look for fashion ladies blouses online and you will find something you like in your budget range within a few minutes. It's really a pretty basic piece of clothing that is regularly undervalued. 

White See-through V-neck Lace-up Front Design Irregular Hem Crop Top

Other cool options for the sunny days are cute crop tops for women sadly I have a very big chest and most crop tops don't fit me :/ but most are super cute and inexpensive. I think if you have a big chest like me this is probably one of the styles that could actually fit. Something less tight and very flowy. 

Khaka Random Floral Print High Waist Shorts with Waist Belt

I am a huuuuuge fan of shorts because they keep me fresh and you can dress them up or down. Meaning you can only buy one or two for the season (in case you are looking to buy some with prints that are trendy) and are all set! Depending on where you work you might be able to actually wear the longer and sober ones to the office, so keep that in mind. 

Black Suede Look Faux Wood Sole Wedge Sandals

And last but not least .... wedges! You need shoes to coord all of your fabulous clothes, right? I prefer this type of shoe because it is sort of a heel so you look put together and chic. These are comfy, very low maintenance and go well with almost anything as long as you get them in a neutral color. 

In case you are on the hunt for some inexpensive trendy deals you should check out Yoins Mother Day Sale! They carry a lot of  fashionable essentials at really good prices so you can go out on vacation and look fab with out breaking the bank. 

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