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Another review xD YES! I know what I said I would not buy any more stuff but this I promise I did not buy it. My Sassy Prom Dress website kindly sponsored an item from their site and I ended up choosing this so... technically I did not buy it.

Shipping: 5/5

I got word from MSP that my package was shipped around the middle of December so I knew it would take longer to arrive due to the increase in parcels during the Holiday Season.... it took about a month to reach but it wasn't the shop's fault. It arrived in a bubble envelope. 

Accuracy: 2/5

So with various online sites you are always afraid tha the item you get in the mail will not match the description or pictures from the website. 

This is the item I ordered
Gary Pearl Beading Textured Hoodie

And this is what I got

Not the same item, not the same materials and not the same style, but the size is correct and overall I think it suits me way better than the original item I chose. I was lucky I guess xD

Quality 4/5

I wore this 2 times to run a couple errands and it is quite comfy,the pearl appliques do not fall of easily and I did wash it once in the washing machine and nothing happened. The only thing I didnt like is that it is quite light so this is more for throwing together a spring or summer outfit. I also thought it was pretty cool that the site has their stuff with their name on their tags. Most places are just retailers and sell random factories' stuff on their webshops, so I thought it was pretty cool. 


I got something similar to what I ordered and overall I am very pleased with the item I got. Despite most of their business being the fancy dress sale, I think this site has other cute things that you can mix and match for everyday use.  

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