Sequin dress as an everyday dress.


It's the holiday season (and recently I also celebrated my birthday in Vegas)! So of course Sequin pieces are starting to pop up on EVERY single shop out there. As the super girly-gal that I am of course I love shiny things, but despite loving the dazzling glamy vibe sequin gives.... I do not feel very comfy stomping out of my house in a shiny outfit that says "Hey look I am on my way to club".

If you check out most sites you will see that the average price for a sequin dress is somewhere around $50 USD. If you do multiple hobbies and have limited space -like me- you cannot possibly afford a some $50-ish red homecoming dresses that you will probably wear once for homecoming or to a New Year's party and MAYBE to a club somewhere down the road. 

So I did something I do pretty good at: researching! And I found out some pretty cool tips on how to tone down a sequin dress for everyday use so I can mix and match down the road.

Tip #1 Keep it simple.

You have a bunch of bling on you. Why thow in some more? Discreet heels, small earrings and a simple bag go a long way while wearing your shiny dress.

Tip # 3 Textures

Resultado de imagen para jessica alba sequin dress boots

This is probably my favorite outfit. It's simple, has shiny details (the dress) and the suede knee-high boots (if you know me you probably know I loove boots and own like 5 different pair of black suede boots alone. So of course I am head over-boot-heels over this combination. Both the dress and the boots create balance and it looks so effortlessly put together and comfy that I think I'm wearing this today xD 

Tip #3 Layers

Resultado de imagen para sequin dress casual

Another pretty interesting combo I found while surfing for inspo. Using your sequin dress as a base for your outfit and construct it from there. Here she is using her pretty fancy and shiny dress as a skirt. Tote bags are SO-EVERYDAY-USE and that simple top makes it look like she isn't even trying (despite she is wearing some shiny heels). 

Tip #4: Denim and Sneakers

The picture that inspired this post xD Saw it on facebook and thought that was a pretty cool idea! Anything paired with sneakers and denim automatically looks "casual" and "simple". You can't tone it down more than this. Can you? 

Resultado de imagen para sequin dress leather jacket demi lovato

A bit more dress-y outfits I found were paired up with a leather jacket and discreet heels or combat boots. I aslo liked that a lot. 

If you are looking for cool sequin dresses, homecoming dresses or just a nice overall dress to wear to a cool event you might want to check out Sassy My Prom- which are today's sponsor. They have pretty cool shiny dreses for all of your fancy needs year round! You can even score some homecoming dresses under 100 on their site with or without sequin. 

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