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Big hair is always better and for a good reason! In this Instagram-Selfie world we currently live in, big hair is always flattering in front of a camera, but that is not the only reason. I am sure you can think of a few by yourself.

If you make a quick google search you will find two popular topics:
Big hair and Men and Big Hair for making you look thinner. So based those two topics I'd like to talk about achieveing big hair. Not the nasty frizzy hair we see on all shampoo ads, I am talking about the strong, silky and shiny weaves that fill out the frames. 

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My natural hair has a similar texture and feel like the above photo. What would I not give to have it so elegantly drop and fill out the frames like that. Sad part is I would need a couple of expensive products and some time to invest in it to make it look THAT good. But thanks to extensions, wigs and half wigs you can sport a similar look in minutes. 

My favorite hair weave are the clip ins. Because you don't have the long-term commmitment of having something stuck to your hair that you have to take care of every single day. 

There are several types of hair and quality you can purchase around the web. A pretty cool site that carries pretty much all hair types is She in Hair. Though they do not come with a cheap price tag you can get Peruvian Hair, Malaysian Hair, Brazillian Hair, Indian Hair, and Remy Hair . That's plenty of choices! And could get anyone a bit lost but there's a bunch of information around the web on the site to help you choose, care and remove your weaves. 

I would say the easy part is to know what are you are looking for. Do you want to add lenght? Get something over 22 inches. Are you looking for volume at mid range? I would go for something between 16-18 inches with a couple extensions. 

Now if you are looking for both volume and length I would go for a a mix and match of lenghts (maybe a couple 18 inches thrown in with some 24-26 inches to make your hair super big). 

Or if it is too much of a hassel you can always get a Human Hair Wig and it's all good to got. New hair lenght and style in under 5 minutes.

I have a small round face. So unless I countour myself A LOT to slim my features big hair is my way to go to make my face look longer and "V" shaped. I normally achieve the look with wigs. But the year is coming to an end... so I might consider getting some new clip ons fof 2018. Truth is, as much as I love experimenting with new looks.... I just cant bring myself to long term commitments. So anything that's not permanent-like wigs and clips- are good for me.

Are you undergoing major hair changes in 2018? 
What are your hair plans? 

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