The truth about diamonds


I love cute and shiny things. That's the way I am built. So everytime I am at the mall shopping I can't help but stop and stare at jewelry windows. I like to sthink of myself going inside Cartier or Tiffany and buying myself a diamond piece just because. 

Right now I am a moment in my life that I simply could not mange to pull that one off. So instead of showing you a diamond purchase-one day mark my words- I would like to share with you some isnspiring diamond quotes. 

What's your take on diamonds? Do you love them or hate them? Do you own one? Amongst my millenial peers there's this crazy idea that Diamonds are dead, they are reserved for old and lonely ladies or exclusively for "engagement rings".

Personally I love them. Everything from their minig process, categorization and pop culture representations drives me crazy and I do aspire to diamonds one day. 

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If you are out on the hunt for a diamond I recommend you check out My Ray Gem. The carry a nice selection of stones and I even managed to find a morganite engagement ring- which is pretty trendy right now amongst to-be-brides. 

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