Hats-piration for fall!


Fall is my favorite season of the year. First it's my birthday but also because nasty bugs are back in hell were they belong and chilly weather <3 That makes me happy. Fall fashion is gorgeous and you can layer as much as you want without cooking yourself like it happens in the summer. And what's the best way to dress up an outfit and make it look super elaborate? H-A-T-S! 

I know summer has also pretty cool hats, but mostly they are light, made of straw or other cheap materials. I am more into the soft, delicate and elegant textures of fall hats. 

Resultado de imagen para audrey hepburn hats
Check out Audrey Hepburn in different hats! 

Hats are magical-as much Harry Potter's Sorting Hat- fashion items according to a bunch of celebrities, famous designers and writers! They are said to have the power of changing you into another person. What do you think? I find that a bit exagerated, but then again they do make you look different.

Resultado de imagen para hats coco chanel
Coco Chanel started her empire by selling hats
How's that for a starting point?

Talking about the french and hats.... Most of the time -despite the season of the  year- you can always find me wearing a beret (french hat) . I find them easy to wear and they elevate an outfit, be it lolita or casual civillian; a lot of karma points ;D I am fond of ones that come with bows, like this one.

Resultado de imagen para hats marlene dietrich
Marlene Dietrich is hat goals. 

Having a bad hair day? You didn't have time to wash your hair?  Running late and you can't come up with a presentable hairstyle? Hats are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! at hiding that. Just make sure to pick one out as big as big to cover most of the evidence-like this one here- et voilà!

Resultado de imagen para bad hair day black and white

Hats say so much about a person and can even become an extension of themeselves. Take a close look at Frank Sinatra. He is super famous and whenever I see photos of him without the hat I can hardly recognize him. 

Resultado de imagen para frank sinatraResultado de imagen para frank sinatra

And I do fancy other more intricate hats. This are pretty cool for the horse races or going on sunday brunches. I am still a bit concious of very flash hats like this one, but I hope one day I can rock them like royalty! 

Resultado de imagen para princess diana hat black and white

So there you have it a little hat appreciation post. What is your take on hats? Love them or hate them? Do you wear them? Which one is your favorite? Be sure to check out my sponsor Mily Bridal UK for more hat options :D It's actually a bridesmaiddresses uk shop xD but I like to do shopping almost anywhere so that won't stop me. 

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