Hiking 101: How I hike! (Sponsored)


In the past I have hiked a bit during many vacations trips and events, but my recent trip to Costa Rica put my hiking skills to the test. Basically I hiked for 5 straight days to different locations in the country. This is what I did to survive.

Preparations: I booked my trip one year in advance, but I started preparing for the hikes around 6 months prior to actually arriving in Costa Rica. I got a threadmill and ran for 1 hour, 5 days a week to keep my physical condition in top shape.

Shoes:  Aside from Rìo Celeste (which was super muddy and I had to rent boots) I got a pair of good running shoes. Many people think that ANY SHOE will do, but they are wrong. Choosing a good pair of comfy shoes will make your steps much comfier and your overall hiking experience safer.

Outfit: Get some compression pants and shirt. No only are they super light and will let your skin breath (keeping you fresh), but if you are hiking in the woods the chances of you getting stucked in some random branches and tearing you clothes are pretty much non-existent. 

WATER!!! I don't know what people think they are. But if you are excersising BRING WATER. So many things can go wrong and being dehydrated can even kill you. I always bring my Swell bottle :D It keeps my drinks cold or hot for up to 24 hours. 

Sunblock: If you are going outside for long periods of time WEAR sunscreen. There is a common misconception that sunblock is only for the beach or the pool. 

Extras: What to bring in your backpack?

Resultado de imagen para kipling blue small back

It is always a good idea to take a small backpack with you to carry extra stuff. Amongst the things I like to carry around are:

Resultado de imagen para hiking snacks
*Snack (fruit or chocolate)
*Cellphone (Charged)
*Camera (for some ocassions)
*Extra socks and shirt.
*Power bank (Extra power!)
*Mini fan (if it's hot)
*Light Blanket (to sit down)
*Plastic bag (For trash and wet clothes)
*Swiss knife (You never know)
*Sunglasses (For the sun!)
*Flash light (for night hikes or emergencies)
*If you take medication take 3 doses with you.
*Matches (the flimsy souvenier ones work best)
*Light Jacket (to keep you warm)
*Headband and hair bands (for long hair)
*Lipbalm & Cream
*Bandaids & Bandage
*Insect repelent (Eww bugs)

I hope these tips help you out in your hiking adventures!
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I want to thank TO SAVE for sending me the SUPER COOL SOLAR POWER BANK to help me stay powered up during my trip. I never have to worry about runing out of power, it can charge up to 2 devices (phones, tablets, cameras or other power banks), has a huge 3 mode LED light and is a great way to keep my mini fan running. As a bonus it has UV light to authenticate bills. Like I said it's really cool! Get yours here.

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