Black Lace Dress for Spring?


For 99% of people Spring = flowers and pastels, so wearing a black dress lace in march or april is kind of strange. So today I want to talk about WEARING BLACK Dresses for Spring. 

I like simple dresses in neutral colors like black, beige or white with small prints or details. They can be casual or dressy depending on your accessories and makeup so they are good for almost any ocassion. So normally this is what I usually wear. 

If you are in for a fancier event you can play abit with lenght and cuts. You just have to look out for light materials so your dress is fresh and comfy to wear on sunnier days or hot nights. 

The awesome thing about black is that it is neutral, always in style and depending on how you coordinate your outfit, it has the ability to make everything look expensive. So don't let that mainstream Flowers for Spring mood ruin your black clothe experiments ;D

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