Spring Wish List (Sponsored by Stylewe)


Every year around december I make a closet-clean out. I just find it super relaxing and rejuvenating. The thing is I sometimes get TOO into it and end up giving away or discarding extra garments. The result: when spirng comes around I suddenly feel the urge to fill in those voids in my closet #ConfessionsOfAShoppaholic

Puns aside I really like to purchase new things, especially during spring break! So many deals and really cute stuff. So for today's post I decided to come up with a wish list of the items I will probably be adding to my closet for the season.

The site I am drawing inspiration from is STYLEWE, which is an online fashion shopping platform that features independent designers. 

For everyday stuff, casual outfits and just fashion now pieces I like to wear simple dresses and cardigans. Nothing too flashy or edgy. I keep my style very sleek and minimal. Even when I go out vacationing in winter. If you need to learn more about the destination for winter vacations this pretty cool blog post might come in handy!

Now there are a bunch of parties and social events. If you check your calendars you migh notice aside from Spring Break Madness there are A LOT of weddings, baby showers, fundrasiers and that sort of events. Don't ask me why I don't make the rules but at least for me; ever spring I have my social calendar super full. So for those kind of parties I like to wear something different from my everyday fashion style: I am talking about engagement party dresses

For every need your wardrobe requires I am sure you can find something you like and within your budget at Stylewe. So be sure to check out their site and browse their stock.

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