Review: Samsung Galaxy 7 Case Made (Sponsored)


Today's post is kindly sponsored by Case Made, who sent me a gorgeous case for my Samsung Galaxy S7. This company is from UK. They create simple and elegant cases for various devices using high quality materials.

My case came neatly packed in a bubble envelope and china paper. They also included a small wipe for my phone's screen. 

The case is made of great quality leather and has been carefully stitched. The logo looks crips and strong. It has 3 slots to place cards and a bigger one for bills or some notes. There is a more simple model, without the card slots in case you don't like that. 

The only downfall I found is if you are a very loud, wild person you will probably won't find their cases attractive since they are super simple and elegant, therefore you don't have many colors or designs to choose from to make your bold statements. Also the fact that while putting cards inside the slots the case becomes frumpy and will not fully close. 

With cards

Without cards.

It matches the rest of my stuff quite nicely!

The service and product quality is excellent. If you are a simple person who enjoys discreet luxury items you should def give Case Made an opportunity and go check out their products. I think they make great gifts for your parents, your boss or your co-workers.

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