Outfit Shopping for the Holidays!


If you are paying close attention the year is coming to an end. Scarrrrrrry, right? All those big events: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve Parties. If you live in Mexico we even have MOAR holidays around this season. And like ANY good girl OF COURSE you've got NOTHING to wear.

But worry not! Even if you are like me (3 jobs, 2 time consuming hobbies and daily life to cope with) the magical world of the Internetz can -almost- solve your wardrobe agenda. But before jumping online and typing "PARTY DRESSES or EVENING GOWNS or whatever you want to look for you need to know: 

What type of event are you going to?

Is it a Gala? A cocktail party? A themed event? Or a relaxed meet up with friends? This is important, so you can choose your outfit, mainly your dress and accessories accordingly.

What is your wardrobe budget?

With the Holiday season going on many people forget their limits and go way out of their league. Then comes January and you don't want to open your credit card statement, or you find out you owe overdraft fees to your bank. So it is important to determine how much you will spend on your outfit(s) for the season and stick to it.

Now that you know everything it is time for the FUN PART: GO SHOPPING!!! Here are a couple of choices depending on your type of event and personal style.

TIP # 1: A Black Ball Dress is always a good option for a more formal event like a Ball or Gala event. If your party is a bit more casual you can always wear a little black dress.

Other colorful options:

Tip #2: If you want to stand out wear RED. It is a popular color for the season.

Tip #3: If you are short, wear short dresses. They make your legs look longer ;D

And for last! My favorite dress *0*
You can get any of these gowns at PICKEDLOOKS shop.

Final word of advice

Too much skin and flashiness for your taste? Shrug on a chunky knit to cover up and simultaneously neutralize the shine. Top off your look with statement pearl-ended choker and killer accessories.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Pickedlooks.com

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