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Remember I said a while ago I wanted to start doing small introduction posts about trusty sites? Here we have another one!

CC Hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions is a site selling high quality human hair extensions. They have huge range of hair extensions, which come  in all lengths, styles and various colours. While surfing on their site I found differt type of hair extensions. Among some of the types you can purchase are hair weave extensions, clip in hair extensions,pre-bonded hair extensions,micro loop hair extensions and tape hair extensions.

Navigation on their site is super easy, which is something really important for me. I like have many different search categories that are specific so I can find the stuff I need easier without browsing all the products. They offer express shipping and reward points. The site is also paypal verified. 

Some of the products you can buy

20 inch Natural Black(#1B) Clip in Hair Extensions 140g

10 inch Natural Black(#1B) Natural Wave Brazilian Virgin Hair Weave 3pc/lot
24 inch Golden Brown(#12) Clip in Hair Extensions 140g

Something really cool about this company is the fact that they have their own youtube channel. So they teach people how to apply the different type of extensions they sell. Personally I think it is a great post-buying service. So if you are a little lost you get some guidance straight from them!If you are not very fond of watching videos they offer a section on their website with basic information about styling, applying caring, removing and even on how to choose a the best product for yourself.

The best thing about their site is that they sell 100% human remy hair extensions, which are a great investment since they can last quite sometime with the adequate care. They are desined to feel and look great. So you should go check out their site. Maybe they have what you are looking for.

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