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NOTA: Como el APP ya fue noticia en el mundo del cosplay hispanohablante me limitaré a escribir la entrada en inglés.


Hey guys! Today I am sharing a really cool APP with all of you. It’s called Cosplanner. This app was designed by cosplay photographer Cato Kusanagi. He’s well known in Mexico and other Latin American countries for his AWESOME photos. You can check out work here.

So what makes this app so cool?

It basically is a planner for your cosplay proyects! It helps you arrange all the elements you need to finish your cosplay.

It keeps track of:
-Stuff to purchase or make
-The stuff you already have
-Cost of each item
-Starting date of your proyect
-Percentage of advance
-Total cost
-Time invested
-Final date

Other features:
-Makes an overall summary with all the details you put in.
-Lets you add reference pictures.
-Notes are enabled.

You can also manage your projects:
-In progress.
-All projects.
-Highest or lowest percentage of advance.

Tech stuff:

-Available for IOs 8 and Android 4.0
-Size: 3.97 MB
-Version: 1

I found it super easy to use! As far as I know there has been no major issue with the app. Reviews are good and everyone seems to like it and find it very useful.

You can check out the website here or like the fan page here.

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3 Opiniones

  1. Es maravillosa esa app. Perfecta para las chicas que no somos muy organizadas que digamos coff coff (^v^U)

    1. Aunque yo soy muy organizada de plano prefiero el app que a tener todo en papeles xD luego se pierden.

  2. OMG! Que cool xD
    No habrá uno asi para cords lolita?


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