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Xmas Party 2013!


¿Todos listos para Navidad? El fin de semana las chicas de la comunidad de Tijuana nos reunimos para la posada anual. Hubo intercambio de regalos, mini pasarela, concursos y buen ambiente. También se hicieron anuncios importantes sobre el rumbo de nuestra comunidad y pudimos hacer un recuento de los buenos momentos del ano que esta por finalizar. 

Everyone ready for the Holidays? This weekend I joined our local community's annual Christmas Party. We exchanged gifts, had a mini fashion show, contests and had a great time. Some important announcements were made for future events and plans for the next year! Super exciting! We also recalled all the amazing stuff we did this year. I had a lot of fun!

Mini Fashion show!

Paulina repartio valentines. 
She made some valentines.

Luna llevo galletas. We got cookies.

Step & Moi! 
Quisimos twinear pero al final me confundi xD 
We where going to twin but I screwed up in the end.

Regalos / Gifts!

Herp derp!

Aunque faltaron muchas chicas nos divertimos mucho. Estoy muy contenta de todo lo que ha pasado en el 2013 y definitivamente super emocionada por lo que se viene. 

A lot of girls could not make it D: but we still had a lot of fun. I am super happy about everything that went on this year and very excited for all the awesome stuff that's coming!

Botin del dia / Loot of the day!
Etude House, Aldo, Offbrand, Candy,
 Valentines, The Flowers Shop

 BONUS! Outfit
Hat: Offbrand
Top: Forever21
JSK: Btssb
OTK: Btssb
Shoes: Anna House.
(Son los que he pintado en este post
These are the shoes I recycled here)

Group pic!
Luna, Gaby, Hatsu, Saira, Paulina, Moi, 
Steps, Dani, Gigi, Nora & Laura.

No hu bo pasarela de LIEF D: pero no importa porque vamos a tener un super mega evento ultra genial en enero exclusivamente para eso. Asi como el de Belladonna *Click* Hablando de empezar bien el 2014

There was no LIEF fashion show D: but it is not that big of a deal xD we will have a super special awesome event in january for that. Just like the one for Belladonna *Check it out!* Talk about doing things right!

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